Why Creative Entrepreneurs Hate Typical Business Plans


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You look to the new year with hope, and yet that dreary business plan document hiding in your Cloud makes your stomach hurt. It’s time to review and update your business plan, but does it have to be so clinical? No. Create a business plan that you want to pick up and look at often, nearly daily throughout the year. Why? Because your business plan is supposed to guide you, inspire you, and encourage you to grow upwards towards your biggest dreams. Believe this freelance copy and content creator, it works.

What is a Meaningful Business Plan?

A meaningful business plan should feel important to you. Creating a business plan starting with your core values does that. In other words, think from the inside and build from there, rather than the traditional way of looking outward at standard templates and filling in their blanks. Your 2024 business plan can represent your WHY and remind you of this every day with joy, not dread.

Business Plans Can Be Beautiful

A former band teacher once said, “Choose an instrument that makes you want to pick it up and play it every day.” Believe it or not, your business plan can be fun, three-dimensional, tactile, colorful, and a totally different shape than a rectangle document. Your own business plan can look and feel like an interactive symbol of all the crucial aspects of a business plan, and in a way that invites you to interact with it constantly, because you love it.

The Benefits of Creating an Alternative Business Plan

Have you ever heard, “It’s all about the process.” This rings very true when creating your unique, creative, meaningful business plan. There are many benefits in the process alone:

  • Reevaluating your WHY
  • Re-engaging all parts of your brain
  • Unlocking emotions and desires
  • Waking up new levels of creativity & problem-solving
  • Discovering news ways to overcome obstacles
  • Quieting the inner critic
  • Opening up potential for playful group activities

Curious? If you’re an entrepreneur looking to amplify your business in 2024, let’s connect! See you in the New Year!

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