Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter vs. a Ghost


Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

Freelance Content Creator

Who are you going to call? If your business blog content reads like you’re talking about yourself, to yourself, is it time to hire a ghostwriter? Trusting a stranger to tell your business’s brand story could feel as frightening as The Blair Witch Project. “Ghosting” tactics for client communication are not recommended yet are more commonly practiced than any entrepreneur with imposter syndrome cares to admit. This handy list guides small businesses on the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter instead of a ghost, or practicing negligence.

Wait- why am I talking about ghostwriting? Yes, Laura Paisley Beck of Wa’am Writes, LLC writes copy and content for websites, social media, and e-newsletters. It seems pertinent this Halloween season to reveal that my writing expertise expanded to writing blog posts for small businesses and organizations who need to tell their valuable stories to their target audience. Believe it or not, as a ghostwriter I hide behind the scenes and help my clients shine, like a magical mystical creature you hear about but never see, but not a ghost.

Here are my Top 10 Benefits of Hiring A Ghostwriter Instead of a Ghost:

#10 Build a Brand Story vs. a Haunted House

If your business developed from an inspirational story or impressive ability to solve a painful problem, your brand story holds meaning to your ideal clients. Many organizations are too close to their brand story to write their consistent brand message on a regular basis. Negligence in sharing stories for your prospects might leave your clients lost and confused, as if in a haunted house. That’s why ghostwriters rock. Ghostwriters with excellent listening skills, organized processes, and talented writing chomps effectively use your company’s brand voice to build your brand story over time for you, and as often as your agreement with them allows.

#9 Develop a Consistent Brand Voice vs. Spooky Stuff

Have you ever had a date with someone who seemed to change personalities a dozen times in an awkward attempt to try to be who they thought you wanted them to be? That’s creepy spooky stuff. As a business, don’t do that to your clients. Confidence is established with consistency and care. Take the time to understand the business’s brand voice. This can be tricky if three different founders have a different voice. It’s smart to consult with an experienced writer to help discover, develop, and utilize that necessary genuine tone and language for your business messaging. You don’t want your business to creep clients out with insecurity and inconsistency.

Velma unmasked villains in Scooby Doo

#8 Talk to Target Audience vs. Yourself (or Ghosts)

Talking to yourself is lonely business, yet this is a common mistake entrepreneurs make. It’s too easy to go on and on about credentials and all the features and details and offerings… to yourself about yourself. You might as well be talking to a ghost. The question remains, “What’s in it for my customers?” Ghostwriters create blog posts and website content with your target audience in mind. I’ve tweaked many pages on business websites to shift the perspective back to the client, spoon-feeding the visitors all the reasons why they want to do business with my clients, and what they get out of their services or products. Every single time my clients read what I wrote, smile, and say, “Ah! I see what you did there. Thank you!” It takes a professional to make sure the content answers, “Why should clients care?” If no one cares, no one will buy. 

#7 Ghostwriters Utilize SEO. Ghosts Know Boo.

Good ghostwriters drive traffic to your website with sneaky SEO tactics. We want your business to show up in search results, not wither on the web like a virtual ghost town. Ghostwriters want Google to incrementally bump your website up, up, up in ranking. Ghosts? What do they know about SEO? And as much as keywords can kickass, they can also kill. Keyword abuse is real, and Google punishes sites for bad behavior. It’s best to let the writers work their keyword magic where they feel they should and let you do what you do best in your business.

#6 Frightfully Fantastic Results vs. a Ghost Town

Full confession: I am finally writing blogs for my own website because I know that as a writer, providing constant relevant content for my client’s websites not only helps them bring in ideal prospects and clients, it helps their Google rankings. Why shouldn’t I do the same for my business? The more your website publishes fresh new relatable content, the more successful your website will be on the web. Consider how many hours you work on your business and in business. Can you honestly fit great relatable relevant content for your website with interviews for profile pieces, ideal CTAs, researched articles to link and proper keywords in proper places… all while rocking your business? This is why entrepreneurs delegate, outsource, and hire. Ghostwriters are essential to keep your content flowing for fantastic results.

#5 Attract Clients, Don’t Scare Them Away

Brand consistency must be preached here again. Exorcize all the demons from your content (going too far?) and make sure your brand is consistent on your blog, website, and all social media messaging. You might not realize it, but steering your company messaging off kilter could make you look unprofessional and therefore scare awesome clients away. Let the expert ghostwriter invite your target customer in with consistent on-brand content. Staying consistent doesn’t mean being boring, it just means that a professional writer and design agency will help your brand K. I. T. (Keep It Together) and therefore work effectively.

#4 Create Awesome CTAs vs. Ghosting Prospects

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sexy! Call to Action (CTA) buttons or hyperlinks tell your reader what to do next and where they are going to go. For example, when I use the CTA, “Connect With Me,” you’d expect to fill out a contact form or schedule a Zoom call after tapping that. These CTAs can be super creative. Imagine tapping “Eat me,” to order a cookie or “Scare Me,” to buy a ticket for a haunted house. But you don’t want to use a CTA like, “Scare My Pants Off You Silly Fool,” unless it’s your brand MO to be over-the-top wordy. On the flipside of that, boring or vague CTAs (or no CTA whatsoever) leaves your prospect hanging.

#3 Realize Goals vs. a Virtual Graveyard

How many websites sit dead on the web? How many Instagram accounts float like phantoms with only 3 posts a gazillion years ago? Why are these businesses ghosting their audience? Let us list the ways businesses end up in the virtual graveyard:

  • Too busy
  • Not busy enough and freaking out in a corner dank with black mold
  • Frozen in indecision
  • Paralyzed with perfectionism 
  • Finding comfort in spreadsheets instead of social media
  • Stubbornly hoping business picks up the old fashioned way (who even remembers what that is anymore)?

#2 Writers Love To Write. Ghosts Haunt.

This may be too obvious to mention but writers love to write, and there are a lot of entrepreneurs and small business leaders who would rather stick their eyeball in the Halloween punch. There are types of ghosts who wouldn’t mind if you did that either. Hiring an expert ghostwriter allows your content to be written by someone with the passion for telling your story to the right customers, and that passion will come through in the content. I have many examples yet to share on my portfolio.

#1 Ghostwriters Show Up – Ghosts Play Hide & Shriek.

Work with a writer you like and trust. Some writers are great with clients, fun to work with, delight you with amazing talent, and brag about your business simply because they believe in your mission. Where will a ghost lead you? To a dead end.

Convinced your business needs an experienced ghostwriter for your business content? Who are you going to call? Zoom with Laura Paisley Beck of Wa’am Writes, LLC! You were hoping for Ghostbusters, weren’t you?

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