The Power of One


Picture of Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

Freelance Content Creator

Confession: I cringe when I hear the saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” It’s a great way for this social content creator to lose lunch. Focus, however. That we could all hone in. Any lovely little trick or tool to help us turn off the distractions and excuses to crystalize our motives and message, I’m all in. This, my friend, is where one is one powerful simple number.

One SentenceDaniel Pink encourages us to try writing our life into one concise sentence as an exercise in teasing out our purpose and meaning in life. What impact are we making in our lifetime? Mine? She illuminated others’ impact through writing powerful stories. OK, I’m still working on it.

One Word – Designating a one word theme for the year helps remind us what we’re aiming for. Feel lost? Off track? Refer to your one word. Advice: do not Google “One Word” or you will be inundated. You’re smart. You get it. What’s your one word? Mine is Swell.

One Thing – If there is one thing to accomplish that will make the week a success, what is it? Prioritize. An accountability partner and I email each other almost every Monday with our One Thing for the week.

One Step at a Time – No elephants required. Take your big goal and break it up into small steps so all you have to focus on is the next step in front of you. Simple concept, I know. The discipline? Yeah, dab that cold sweat and take a breath. Remember, practice makes progress.

More about the power of one: The number one is the first position (unless you’re that person that counts zero). Firsts mean fresh starts. Here we are in January (as of writing this blog), the modern day acclaimed first month of the year… for some of us. Time is a special concept, right Tim Urban? 

So we find it fun to use these firsts as a tingly reason to hit the refresh button. And for good reason. The more firsts we experience, the more time slows down and memories build in our brain. Every day, every moment, is an opportunity for a first. What firsts are you up to? Mine? I plan to publish my first fiction novel this year. I’m actually super excited and I’ll spare you the audio visuals. Stay tuned!
OK…. Here’s a peak at the cover that Two Lips Creative designed.

A mockup of the book, Licensed To Sell, by Laura Paisley Beck. Awesome illustrations and design by Two Lips Creative.

Don’t worry. I carved out most of my time to write compelling copy and effective content for my social entrepreneurs. I’m ghostwriting to our heart’s content. Want to talk about the one big project you’re thinking up for the year? Let’s make contact.