Falling On My Face

Laura Paisley Beck of Wa’am Writes, LLC, shows off her bloody scraped nose and Pride Goodr sunglasses on her way to writing for more clients.

I literally fell on my face yesterday, walking the dog. Time slowed as I realized my feet flew up in the air behind me instead of landing firmly on the sidewalk. My right hand still firmly gripped the dog leash as my dog, Janis, lunged one more time towards the rabbit and somehow, with both […]

How to Reframe Your Message for Positive Impact

A Happy face outshining a sea of frowning faces.

If you are creating content from a place of fear or anger, chances are you are not going to attract your target audience or results. As a career salesperson, serial entrepreneur and writer, I have extensive experience reframing messaging for maximum impact. Let’s look at some simple examples of how to rewrite your message to […]