Burning Butterflies: How To Process Inner Critic Noise With Somatic Therapy

Butterfly in lightbulb- credit to Victoria_Regan in Pixabay.

I burn butterflies every week now. Before you call any animal rights authorities, let me explain. Do you have a noisy Inner Critic? That goblin in your head that says cloyingly sweet, supportive, cheerful mantras to boost your spirits? Yeah, I kid. As a professional writer, mine is downright nasty. I let it block my […]

On Life and Living

A double-masted sailboat motors into the sunset. Adventure. Writing from anywhere.

My mother died last night. I heard her gurgling rattle-heavy breaths in her hospital bed while I tried to tuck myself into the couch and meditate with DavidJi. My thought when I put the Airpods in my ears and pulled the thin blankets over my fully clothed body was, We’re going to be here all […]