Realigning Values – A Recipe For Magic SPICE


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Laura Paisley Beck

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How empowered and inspired do you feel when you wake up in the morning? As a writer for social entrepreneurs and heroic organizations, I help clients reevaluate and communicate organizational values. When our own values align, magic happens.

Why Are Values Important?

Personal and professional core values are the foundational ingredients for your mission, vision, brand, and business strategy. Determining these values is not a flippant exercise. Ideally, every business act stems from your organization’s values so that every hiring decision, marketing message, partnership, and client also aligns with your values. 

For example: I would lose trust in a business partner who touts their core values are Humanity, Diversity, Ecology, Integrity, and Honesty, who only hires white privileged straight men and knowingly harms our water quality with toxic waste.

Wonder Wins, Activate!

On the flipside, when values align, everyone is on board. Employees/volunteers and leaders actively work towards the same mission and vision when they all believe in the core values. When I write for organizations I believe in, and they believe in me, we work in a productive rhythm, inspire each other, and celebrate our wins (client wins are my wins).

Do Our Values Align?

These are my updated five core values, SPICE:

Sustainability, Purpose, Inspiration, Compassion, and Empowerment are Wa'am Writes' five core values.

Notice that italicized word up there? It’s a best practice to reevaluate your core values as you and your business grow. Sometimes new clarity, unforeseen opportunities, and fascinating challenges show up that need consideration. Leaders evolve. Missions tweak to fit new societal needs. And some entrepreneurs find themselves revisiting their values after an existential walkabout.

How long has it been since you updated your values? Do you want to add S.P.I.C.E. to your powerful stories? Let’s connect. Find time on my calendar and let’s empower each other.

About Laura Paisley Beck of Wa’am Writes, LLC

Laura Paisley Beck sharpened her copywriting skills as a serial entrepreneur and corporate trained salesperson for decades. She started Wa’am Writes, LLC to finally live out a happy, healthy, comfortable life as a writer. Her sales and business experience + writing skills = copywriting super powers to help uplift businesses and organizations she believes in. When she is not writing and networking, Laura enjoys long walks with Janis Pup, dancing, cooking, silent sports outdoors, seeking Wow (Woods or Water) and dreaming of digital nomad life in Portugal. Want a colorful, experienced, successful writer for your content? Schedule time with Laura Paisley Beck today!