Ollie Ollie Oxen Free – Creating Safe Space For Those in Hiding


Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

Freelance Content Creator

Remember when you were a child playing hide and seek? We learned a phrase to invite all those still in hiding to safely reveal themselves. The phrase I called out was, “Olly Olly Oxen Free.” This centuries old phrase evolved orally into countless incantations but the meaning remains the same: Come out. Be free without penalty.

More and more opportunities to write about safe space enter my pipeline. This is a hot topic for good reason. Organizations standing up for their DEI values and multicultural support still face adversity from those with polarizing views. Acts of racism, transphobia, gender inequality, and many other prejudices threaten people we love every day.

Imagine in the adult world that we could callout Olly Olly Oxen Free! and everyone could come out from hiding without any penalty whatsoever. Everyone, regardless of religion, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, political affiliation, mental health condition, physical ability, or age.

Imagine how many incredible stories remain in the shadows, closet, under the floorboards, up in the attics, or on the other side of any theoretical wall, simply because people feel unsafe. Think of it. There are many types of safety to consider:

  • Psychological – people may speak up and share ideas without punishment or shame
  • Physical – people may thrive in a space free of harm to their physical being
  • Financial – people may receive and contribute to wealth without inequity or unfairness.

Now imagine you are a superhero fighting injustices everyday with love. How are you changing the world for the better? I like being the superhero for superheroes. Many of my clients find themselves so deep in their work, they can’t share their own powerful altruistic stories. Think of me as the magical creature in your marketing who sirens your target audience with a storytelling super power.

If your business or organization strives for social good and uplifts the underdogs, your stories deserve championing. Stories prove hope is stronger than fear- stories about overcoming adversity, empowering the underserved and underrepresented, and illuminating opportunities for those who otherwise hid in the shadows. 

Together we can inspire and invite good people to support your mission. Let’s activate positive change – I’m safe. Ollie Ollie Oxen Free! 

Laura Paisley Beck sharpened her copywriting skills as a serial entrepreneur and corporate trained salesperson for decades. Her sales and business experience + writing skills = copywriting super powers to help uplift businesses and organizations she believes in. She started Wa’am Writes, LLC to finally live out a happy, healthy, comfortable life as a writer. When she is not writing and networking, Laura enjoys long walks with Janis Pup, dancing, cooking, silent sports outdoors, seeking Wow (Woods or Water) and dreaming of digital nomad life in Portugal. Want a colorful, experienced, successful writer for your content? Schedule time with Laura Paisley Beck today!