How to Reframe Your Message for Positive Impact


Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

Freelance Content Creator

If you are creating content from a place of fear or anger, chances are you are not going to attract your target audience or results. As a career salesperson, serial entrepreneur and writer, I have extensive experience reframing messaging for maximum impact. Let’s look at some simple examples of how to rewrite your message to attract ideal results.

Situation: Desperation

Projections failed. You hear crickets instead of cha-ching. Your messaging could blame prospects or slam the competition. Instead, practice pause and focus on your business values. What did satisfied customers say about your product or service? 

Rewrite example: It has been such an honor helping these customers with [positive result]. If you know anyone who could use [enter solution] to [pain point], we’re seeking the next grateful customers.”

By focussing on what works, or has worked in the recent past, you tend to attract more of that positive result. 

Situation: Negative Bias

Something bad happened. One nice client left for the competition. One nightmare situation became reality. Your message could sound like those red flag profiles on dating apps. “Please no whiners, complainers, or anyone who doesn’t…” You might not be saying anything overtly that bad, but you might be communicating only what you don’t want. Don’t let the few bad apples spoil your sweet ones.

Rewrite example: Benefits working with us include: (and then bullet point the amazing benefits your clients realize)

As a wise surfer friend once told me, “Always look where you want to go. If you look down, you’ll fall down. If you look at your destination, you’ll naturally head in that direction.

Situation: Complain Stain

You’re catching yourself complaining on social media about a certain type of client, business partner or industry. What are you trying to gain? ‘Misery loves company’ energy? How does that impact your mindset, let alone your bottom line? Instead, vent that negativity out on a piece of paper, burn it immediately and let it go. Next, focus on what is wonderful to attract more profitable attention.

Rewrite example:Are you as grateful as I am about [wonderful thing]? Let me tell you all the positive impacts this has for businesses like ours…

I believe (and experience) that positive messaging brings positive results. My job is to create impactful messaging for small businesses. Wow, does it feel great watching it work! If you need a fearless cheerleader for your business, feel free to contact me. Let’s make your business messaging shine!

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