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How confident are you that your business will accomplish your mission? If the question sinks in your stomach like a bowling ball, it’s a good time to revisit the brand, plan, and collaborators around you. If you don’t do it, who will? Granted, you’re not going to save the world overnight, and this enthusiastic content creator wants to help you try.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

Let’s assume you don’t have a mission statement for your incredible social impact business, or that your mission changed a bit as your business evolved. Here are a few key tips in writing your shiny solid mission statement:

  • Speak the Truth. The mission statement clearly and accurately describes how and why the business commits to make a positive impact and solve your clients problems.
  • Make it memorable. Go for the wow factor without sounding unrealistic. A great mission lingers in the minds of anyone working with you. Does it roll off your partner’s tongues?
  • Keep It Short, Savvy. The shorter the mission statement, the easier it is to recite at any time. Imagine anyone working for you easily stating your mission at any moment.

Vulnerability moment. My mission statement for Wa’am Writes, LLC is currently a work in progress:

“To uplift socially responsible companies by creating their compelling content.”

It’s not terrible, but when I follow that statement with, “I just like being a superhero for other superheroes,” agency owner’s eyes light up, their chests lift, and they smile like sun rays are pulling the corners of their mouth. “Oh I love that!” So I’m holding onto that and playing with it here and there.

It Kind of Rhymes with Witness An

Here’s the plan, Stan. A lot of us filled out a business plan template, complete with market research and projections. How often do we revisit this document on file or remember everything we put in there? Is it still valid? Does it mean anything anymore? 

I discovered an alternative way to create a business plan that starts with your core values. Creative entrepreneurs can build meaningful unforgettable pieces of art that represent core essentials. Aspects to consider:

  • Core values
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Ideal Clients
  • Collaboration vs. Competition Map
  • What Success Looks Like

🎵Money 🎵and more…

Dreaming Of Who You Need

If you’re pulling your hair out or worse, arguing with teammates about the mission statement and marketing plan to the point that you’re stuck, stop. Brand and marketing creatives like me can come to your rescue. Instead of holding out for a hero, hire one. Connect and discover why my clients love me.

PS – You’re awesome!

About Laura Paisley Beck

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Laura Paisley Beck sharpened her copywriting skills as a serial entrepreneur and corporate trained salesperson for decades. Her sales and business experience + writing skills = copywriting super powers to help uplift businesses and organizations she believes in. She started Wa’am Writes, LLC to finally live out a happy, healthy, comfortable life as a writer. When she is not writing and networking, Laura enjoys long walks with Janis Pup, dancing, cooking, silent sports outdoors, seeking Wow (Woods or Water) and dreaming of digital nomad life in Portugal. Want a colorful, experienced, successful writer for your content? Schedule time with Laura Paisley Beck today!