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You read that right. I added an extra “s” to “fantastic.”

TMI alert: we installed a Tushy bidet today and it took us twice as long as planned because we couldn’t stop reading, laughing and commenting on the copy. Every side of the box, the instruction manual front to back (complete with a unique playlist to play during installation), and the informational booklet presented a creative piece of copy.

As a copywriter myself, I am delighted and impressed with this creative marketing. I want to know who wrote all these fun puns and silly word jams. Clearly they are having way too much fun working at a bidet brand.

TUSHY brand bidet box printed with a long list of nicknames for your bidet.
Meet your new TUSHY Bidet aka Bidet Bae …

Take a look at the inside of the box. Don’t you want to keep generating nicknames with them?

And check out the Instruction Manual.  Who creates a poop-themed “mixed-tape”? Have you ever wanted to assemble something for your bathroom before? Did we play their Spotify playlist. Yes we did. Will we listen to it again? Most likely never. Was it just goofy enough to remember a lot of it? Yes. Poop songs will be in my head for awhile.

Asstrology toilet horoscopes by Tushy.
Asstrology Toilet horoscopes by Tushy.

 Who writes bathroom time horoscopes? Tushy

Aren’t you glad you live in a world where such creativity exists? You might not agree with their humor, but you have to admit that they make a taboo subject approachable. If you know the person/people who wrote this copy, please introduce us. I must know them. If you’d rather grab coffee and riff with words, let’s make contact. Isn’t it a great life? You’re awesome!

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