Crazy Little Thing Called Love in Business


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What does love have to do with business? Nearly everything for entrepreneurs. In a time where hate takes over the daily (and hourly) news, and the holidays remind some people of a long history in which religion was used as a powerful excuse to rewrite origin stories, justify racism and conquer land, we need to refill our hearts with purpose and love. Call me crazy, but in my experience as a freelance writer with years of entrepreneurship, love is a necessary component of any successful business plan. Hear me out.

We Want To Know What Love Is

Have you ever felt sparkly with enthusiasm and opportunity after meeting someone who is super in love with how they can help you? Or conversely, have you heard yourself say, “Back to the grindstone.” Yeah, big difference! Look at The Great Resignation, in which the nation saw a huge wave of people quit their jobs, 57% of them saying they felt disrespected at work. Research suggests that if we open up to a growth mindset, and cultivate our interests into passions, building the skills to support a life doing what we love, we create successful and fulfilling careers for ourselves. OK- it takes work, let’s not kid ourselves, but we love it.

In The Name of Love

It turns out we creative entrepreneurs are not so crazy after all. Yeah, I respectfully disagree with a comment from this Marcus dude. There is a lot of study into passion and entrepreneurship. Research shows that when we intentionally throw ourselves methodically into our passion projects, we amplify our ability to invent and create fabulousness, all the while loving what we do. Feel like turning it up another notch? Add CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to the mix and we’re lighting up the world with spreading love. Social Impact + Passion = Creatives’ Ultimate Work/Life Awesomeness. 

What Love Has To Do With It

Your love for your business will shine through if you let it. When was the last time you gave your elevator pitch and that new connection lit up and exclaimed, “Love it!”? Do you review your awesome business plan and pound your fist up in the air and shout, “Love it!”? Are you hearing your clients consistently report back to you with, “Love it!”? Yes? Then give your business some love and acknowledge these wins. Share them everywhere. Your ideal clients are hunting for good news from potential partners. Example: so many people put their hands to their heart and said “Love it!” when I said, “I just love being a superhero for other superheroes.” I planted that on my site and socials.

If not? Revisit your business core values. This is a perfect time to ensure you are leading with your heart and head. 

Can’t Buy Love, but Love Buys Love

Sure, money can’t buy happiness, but when you love what you do, client’s pick up on that vibe and want that love too. Even more powerful are the love stories your business can share from your happy clients. Have you asked for love letters lately? Testimonials, warm referrals, and positive reviews not only feed your website incredible SEO terms, but also woo your prospects more than your About Me page. Research shows that showcasing reviews increases conversion rates by 190-380%! Note to self here as well.

Excited? Feeling the love? Awesome! Now let’s spread more of this love to the web-iverse. If you need an enthusiastic writer to help you put into words your business love stories, so your ideal clients fall in love with your services, let’s talk. Soon! Let’s face it, everyone in the world could use more love right now.

Peace and Love to you! You’re Awesome!


PS- Need to revise your business plan but that makes you ill thinking about it? Let’s talk. There’s a unique workshop in your future.



Laura Paisley Beck sharpened her copywriting skills as a serial entrepreneur and corporate trained salesperson for decades. Her sales and business experience + writing skills = copywriting super powers to help uplift businesses and organizations she believes in. She started Wa’am Writes, LLC to finally live out a happy, healthy, comfortable life as a writer. When she is not writing and networking, Laura enjoys long walks with Janis Pup, dancing, cooking, silent sports outdoors, seeking Wow (Woods or Water) and dreaming of digital nomad life in Portugal. Want a colorful, experienced, successful writer for your content? Schedule time with Laura Paisley Beck today!

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