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Book launch party invite

Join the Book Launch Party for Licensed to Sell!

Celebrate the "original work of genius" on June 14th, 5-7 PM.

100State, 17 S. Fairchild St, FL 7, Madison WI, 53703

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A special thanks to Martha DeLancey for editing

and Two Lips Creative for the cover design.

Laura Paisley Beck’s debut novel launches for Pride Month 2024!

Agent life is dangerous. Disasters at every turn! You, as Agent Jones, must navigate so many ethical dilemmas. Spy suspicions. Tasty temptations. Fraud feelers. Smarmy marketing strategy examples. Alluring acronyms like ENM. Itchy investigations. Heavy happy hours. Perilous puns. An unhealthy relationship with your vintage touch tone phone. And so much more!

In a world where business consultants must master ethical decision-making, you, Agent Quinn Jones, are a local insurance agent acting like a secret agent. You seek a fantasy life. You brunch with inviting referral partners, but you must overcome a conniving client, mysterious adversaries, and your own mental health problems to succeed.

So which is it, Agent Jones? Are you going to land on your feet, supremely successful and on top of your lover? Or will you die a gruesome death? Will your life self-destruct? Or are your  referral partners going to save you? Perhaps your own creative agency will catapult you to a dream career. The journey is yours.

Licensed to Sell is an Interchangeable Action Novel© – a page-jumping collection of bedtime stories for adults with multiple endings. Many stories are inspired by Beck’s decades of award-winning sales experience in various Midwest industries. Others let your imagination run wild. And because this novel has gender neutral character names, readers immerse bring their own empathy and inclusivity perspectives to the tangled tales and story choices.

Add action-packed Licensed to Sell to your stack of bedtime stories for adults today!

Join the party!

Book Launch Party at 100State

17 S. Fairchild Street, Floor 7

Madison, WI 53704

Friday, June 14, 2024

5 – 7 PM

See you there!