An Account of Alliteration Addiction: A-Z


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Laura Paisley Beck

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Writing with alliteration is repeating the first letter or sound for several words in a row. It’s Friday, and as a busy writer for business clients, I am going to have a lot of silly fun with this creative exercise. Should I apologize now?


Authoring on autopilot always assaults an authentic autonomy. An accurate assumption is all nuance and ability abort with abomination. Adapt. Adjust. After an auspicious pause, awaken artistic aplomb and awareness and embrace awesomeness.


Believe in being bold. Bring on bohemian beads, bells, banjos, bangles, bangs, bandanas and bell bottoms. Branding beats the boorish beasts! Belay the basics but baste your boring beliefs with bright, bang up bankable brilliance. Boom. 


Curious curating of a cautious cacophony of corduroy khaki coats causes callousness in conferences. Caution. Careless casual concerns for cashmere collapses calm cads. Calling all colors in collective collaboration to cure catalog casualties.


Darn it dog! Digging is dirt in the dark! Don’t do it! Dare I dream of days in Denmark or Dublin or the Douro, dining in delicious delight. Daring to devour dessert dripping in divine date and dark chocolate. Damn.


Every eager eaglet eeking out into everlasting ether to eventually screeeeee within everyone’s earshot. Earthlings, easy. Exile the exhaust. Evolve. 


Forget frogs frollicking in ferny forests. Find your furry fuzzy fluffy flow into frivolous freedom, flying your freak flag, flitting with freedom, feeling fantastic and fascinating.


Get going in glamor and gorge on grapes, grappa, and gruyere wearing gloves. Gawk and gab like Dja Dja Gabore in gorgeous gowns, goosing gorgeous guys in genteel garb. Eek gads!


Hello! Had Heather held half the healthy helpings of hasenpfeffer, she’d have heaved horrifically. 


Imitating Icarus is iffy, even in unintelligent ignorant inferences. In the interest of icky inquiries, it’s impossible to ink on.


Jolly! Joy jumping in jello is jubilant in gesture, Joe, yet joking is just jerky.


‘K. Kindness to kelp is kindred to kicking killer habits to the curb. 


Look. Lately, like, licking lollipops looks lovely an’ all, like, lolly lips! Love it! Let alone lolling along a leashed lynx in luxurious loafing. Lounge it lady. Laze. Lean. Loaf. Love it, Luscious.


Mousse makes me many moods, mainly malleable and magnificent. Make me mousse on Mondays and maybe Malbec meaders near my meal for a more mackled magmatic madame. Magnificent.


Nearly no one knows nifty nerdy neanderthals. 


Oh how you oozed and ogled over opening orifices of opals of odd opaque oceans.  Outstanding.


Perhaps purposefully putting perpetually preposterous punctuation and possibly poor pairings on this page pains practical people. Peace, please. Pushing on…


Really, I’m writing ridiculous rants in righteous rank rallies for no regal or relevant reason. Rightfully so, rare radical ramblings reel in rancid ravines of runoff to release and refresh.


Sordid sap! Still seeking the silliness sitting in sensational sepia squander? Splendid! Soothe thy senses in short celestial snippets for sassy snorts and sighs.


To trail a tortoise is tenacious, tedious, and tormenting.


You bick wi’ ‘dis!


Very vivacious, that victorious Viennese violinist.


When Wa’am Writes writes words that work wonders we willingly whoop, wiggle, and waggle.


Exit xerox. Xanthic exudes excitement.


Yes, yellowy yaks yell.


Zip it, Zesty.

Seriously? You made it this far? You’re either a sucker for punishment or a super fan. Either way, we’re going to have to celebrate. Let’s bang out a Bananagrams or welcome a walk-n-talk in woods or water. Snag some time with me because you’re awesome!

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