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Who Is Wa'am?

Hi! I’m Laura Paisley Beck, also known as Wa’am. I am a playful, colorful, writer embracing a digital nomad lifestyle with my rescue pup, Janis. After years as an award-winning salesperson, writing on the side for barter, I now make career money writing for organizations who want wonder words. 


SUM (Sales + Writing) Skills = Copywriting Super Power.

Wa’am is a name?

My story should be a comic book. When I was a little girl my two older brothers nicknamed me Wamscabam because I took their torture quite well. I tumbled and giggled and laughed when others would have cried. One day, an intense pillow attack knocked me up off my feet and hard against the wall. I then belly-flopped on the floor. The air BAM!’d out of my lungs. My brothers thought I was dead. I could feel my brother’s panicked breath against my face… I took my time lying as still and silent as possible, reveling in their concern. Finally I popped my eyes open, took a big breath and laughed with my whole body. My brothers were so relieved, and impressed. That’s when I earned the unique nickname, Whamskabam! I changed the spelling to, Wamscabam, when I learned to write.

About ten years ago at a Mother’s Day brunch, a waiter called me, “Ma’am.” I said, “Actually, it’s ‘Wa’am’.” The family erupted with laughter and the poor waiter was left out of the inside joke. My brother John announced that from henceforth I shall be known as, “Wa’am.” And there you have it. A colorful character with stories a plenty and good humor who wants to meet you. That’s me.

What Has Wa’am Written?