Who Is Wa'am?

Hi! I’m Laura Paisley Beck, also known as Wa’am. I’m a rambunctious writer raised in Wisconsin embracing a digital nomad lifestyle with my rescue pup, Janis. I’ve been a successful salesperson all of my working life, writing on the side for barter. Now I, Wa’am, make career money writing for businesses who want wonder words. 

SUM (Sales + Writing) Skills = Copywriting super power.

Wa’am is a name?

My story should be a comic book. When I was a little girl my two older brothers nicknamed me Wamscabam because I took their “torture” quite well. I tumbled and giggled and laughed when others would have cried. One day, an intense pillow attack knocked me up off my feet and hard against the wall. I then belly-flopped on the floor. The air BAM!’d out of my lungs. I was still and silent. My brothers thought I was dead. I could feel my brother’s panicked breath against my face… I took my time revealing I lived, reveling in their concern. When I regained my breath I laughed with my whole body, much to the relief of my brothers. That’s when I earned the unique nickname, “Whamskabam!” I changed the spelling when I learned to write to, “Wamscabam.”


One Mother’s Day brunch, then as an adult, a waiter called me, “Ma’am.” I said, “Actually, it’s ‘Wa’am’.” The family erupted with laughter and the poor waiter was left out of the inside joke. My brother John announced that from henceforth I shall be known as, “Wa’am.” And there you have it. A colorful character with stories a plenty and good humor who wants to meet you. That’s me.

What Has Wa’am Written?

More examples arriving soon with permission from my recent clients.


Feature articles from me as Laura Paisley Beck include pieces in Natural Awareness Magazine.

I wrote a sassy dessert review column called Sweet Spot in the Peninsula Pulse 2001-2006.

What Else?

On October 31st, Laura Paisley Beck will be a contributing author to a book called, “I Wish I Had Known.” Mark November 11th on your calendar to purchase this book.


Starting October 2021, Laura Paisley Beck will be teaching Waukesha 6th graders how to write “Choose Your Own Adventure” books at Carroll University, Waukesha, WI.


In March of 2020 Laura Beck Nielsen (prior to divorce) was a resident at Write On Door County, in Jacksonport, WI.


This page, as well as the Portfolio Page, will be constantly updated so please check back often.


You’re awesome!

Wa’am Laura Paisley Beck