7 Benefits of Cultivating Creativity and Curiosity in Business


Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

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What makes your business stand out? Solving big problems with new solutions requires creativity and curiosity to out-imagine others. Yet how often does the business suit represent someone about to grab a paint brush? Here are seven benefits for leaders to cultivate creativity and curiosity for business success.

1 – Attract Sustainable Growth

Stale doesn’t sell. The “same ol’ way” loses clients and new essential talent. So consider how encouraging yourself and others in the business to take time to let loose in an art studio could spark new crackling ideas to solve clients’ consistent problems. How exciting are you now to shareholders, new hires and buyers?

2 – Improve Employee Satisfaction & Success

It’s pretty common knowledge now that employee turnover is crazy expensive. What if your company Mission Innovation established a culture of creating and discussing art as part of the problem-solving process? You could attract and retain top talent that keeps your company on the leading edge of positive change.

3 – Think Outside the Box with the Right Brain

Step away from the spreadsheets for an hour, break out art supplies, and see what happens. Art therapists recommend setting an intention, making a simple art piece (a doodle’ll do) and then dialoguing with the piece using your non-dominant hand to tap into the right-side of your brain. Imagine unveiling mind-blowing ideas.

4 – Be More Brave

Staying safe in business hardly catapults the company to astounding success. Practicing making art and encouraging curiosity helps cultivate a ritual of taking risks, accepting failure, trouble-shooting, and pushing beyond limiting thoughts. Make it company culture to imagine a better world and boldly adventure there.

5 – Desire Diversity

Rigidity fails in innovation. The more business leaders practice creativity and curiosity, and bring art-making into the workplace as a problem-solving exercise, the more it’s obvious that diversity is essential. A creative space is the perfect place for a multitude of perspectives, opinions and experiences to design supreme solutions.

6 – Uplift Community for the Greater Good

Art brings people together. Community art, like murals and outdoor exhibits, helps express big statements while provoking essential questions. Inviting resident artists to a community project allows underserved voices to speak out through art, for all to notice. Be the change-maker uplifting others with art for positive change.

7 – Turn Heads – Ultimate Marketing/Rebrand

Everyone loves a good story. When you start infusing curious play and art-making into your company culture, rebranding is exciting! Advertising the joy, wonder, and awe your organization is creating can attract a much-needed, diverse set of talent in your doors that will differentiate you from others in your industry, and improve your business.

Perhaps your organization already creates ground-breaking solutions. Art and creativity already play a huge part. Your talent is amazing. Great! Do your ideal clients know the unique benefits and beautiful impact of your solutions? Are your inspiring stories left untold? Need help with that? It sounds like you’re my kind of super entrepreneur, so let’s talk!

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