5 Signs You’re a Social Entrepreneur 


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(or 5 Reasons You’re Making the World a Better Place, and Therefore, You’re Awesome)

Are you involved in social entrepreneurship? Content creators like me love powerful stories, heroic missions, and supporting passionate businesses like social entrepreneurs. Not sure of the label? Check these five key indicators that you’re a social entrepreneur. 

1 – Mission-Driving

Are you and your organization motivated by a strong desire to bring about specific positive social change and impact? Do your business goals align with missions to end social issues (examples: anti-LGBTQ+, racism, feminism, climate change, domestic violence, generational poverty, etc)?

2 – Innovating 

Do you employ creative and innovative strategies to address social issues, often utilizing business principles and models to fund and support big social change?

3 – Seeking Sustainability

Are you consistently seeking to create long-term, sustainable solutions to issues such as climate change, human rights, domestic violence and social equity?

4 – Measuring Impact

Do you commit to assessing the impact of your organization’s initiatives, ensuring that they effectively address key social issues (i.e. ensuring that you’re putting your money where your heart is, and it’s actually working)?

5 – Proud of Change

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above, you, my wonderful friend, are a social entrepreneur. You’re probably already wearing that badge proudly, like the following superheroes:

Examples of Social Entrepreneur Heroes in Madison, Wisconsin

The Melanin Project

Afra Smith created a personal finance coaching business designed to end wealth disparities and generational poverty, one woman of color at a time. Through advocacy, empowerment, and coaching, they fuel a future in which BIPOC women will create ongoing generational wealth.

Ice Cream Social

Necessity is the mother… One woman who lost her job due to the pandemic, started a small batch ice cream business that grew into a social shop advocating for big change. Every week she donates a portion of her sales to fund organizations that fight for social and racial equity. 

Delta Lab Brewery

Delta Lab donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations and nonprofits who also commit to social change and environmental advocacy. “We strive to expand community through quality, local craft beer without barriers to gender, race, or sexual orientation.”

Just Coffee

From saving land and preserving a sustainable agri-business, to empowering as much justice locally and worldwide as possible, Just Coffee advocates and funds positive social change including fair trade, environmental and climate protection, human rights, and more. 

Underground Self Defense

Everyone, regardless of age, size, shape, or identity, deserves a safe place to learn how to stay safe. Underground proves we are stronger when we embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here, Madison residents learn joy in movement with self-defense, martial arts, and kickboxing programs for all.

Impact and Importance

Social entrepreneurship allows creative businesses to address complex social challenges while inviting their patrons to vote with their dollar. The more we patronize these businesses with missions we love (and boycott those we believe harm society), the bigger positive impact we can make together.

Where a lot of social entrepreneurs need help is in sharing their consistent, ongoing, incredible stories. Social superheroes often find themselves so deep in the weeds making the world a better place, they don’t show their amazing impact. That’s why I love my career as a content creator. I just love being a superhero for other superheroes. Need me? Let’s connect!