5 Reasons to Blog Every Day for 1 Month


Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

Freelance Content Creator

Why is it so cringe worthy to market ourselves? As the copy and content writer of Wa’am Writes, LLC, I write multiple blogs a day for various clients. Before writing this blog, I had exactly one blog post on my own website. Today this changes. Here are my 5 reasons to blog every day for the month of March:

1 – 30 Day Challenges Work

If we look at a year long challenge, it can look daunting. For 30 days, though? Nearly anything is possible in 30 days. By challenging myself to write a blog every work day of March, I trick my brain into thinking I’ll lose if I don’t. I win if I do. Will I continue to write a blog for my website every day of the year? Doubtful. Yet by April I will have 30 times the content I had before I started the challenge.

2 – Educating My Target Audience

Let’s not forget the true Why. The altruistic reason to add new awesome content to my business website is to educate my target audience. Businesses have a website for a reason. We provide services or sell products, and we probably do something better than the competition. Blogs are a great way to share your wisdom, answer frequently asked questions, announce new fabulous updates, and invite your prospects in for more interaction.

3 – Practice What I Preach

This year started out with a bang! As a result of so many clients kicking off at once, I heard myself repeating the same message: your website needs constant, new, relevant content. Feeding your website meaningful content is like sending the Google search engine little treats that say, “Rank me better. I’m valid! I’m worth it! Send me clients!” Even though I’m not asking for more clients this month, if anyone looks at my website right now, I’m a total hypocrite. That ends this month.

4 – Overcoming the Inner Critic

When I write blogs and website content for small businesses and nonprofits, I usually work in a team that provides excellent feedback and ego-boosting praise. For my own blogs, my inner critic speaks up with a snarling manipulative cruel voice. Nothing I write for myself is good enough. Besides, there really is no deadline, no one is holding me accountable, and I’m busy with client work. However, in this 30 day challenge, I only have so much attention for my inner critic. May this blog-a-day cadence make my inner critic shut the heck up. 

5 – If Olivia Can Do It So Can I

Olivia Wisden of Underbelly Creative did this blog-a-day challenge last month. We talked about it during our Zoom meeting yesterday and I got inspired – Olivia has a knack for addictive inspiration. She learned some incredibly important information as a professional marketer that will be useful in strategizing with her clients. I plan to gain similar insight and look forward to comparing notes with her in April.

Have you tried any 30 Day Challenges? Are you also facing scary inner critic conversations when you try to market yourself? Believe me, I am much more comfortable helping you than I am myself! Feel free to follow this blog to read what tips, tricks, and best practices I plan to share this month. Or if you really need help fast, snag time on my calendar. You’re awesome!

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