15 Reasons Listicles Still Win Readers


Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck

Freelance Content Creator

Why oh why are we still writing listicles? Here are 15 fabulous reasons why content creators like me admit that listicles continue to reign supreme in the realm of reader engagement.

1 – Bite-Sized Delights: Who has time to wade through a sea of words these days? Listicles serve your clients bite-sized bits of content for our snack-sized attention spans.

2 – The Comfort of Numbers: A well-structured list scratches a satisfying itch. It’s like a literary massage for the exhausted brain – with numbers as our sweet pressure points.

3 – Quick and Easy Scan-ability: Look, I’m not going to shame you for skimming. The entire design of listicles allows readers to super scan for the intriguing information.

4 – Variety is the Spice of Life: From “7 Surprising Facts” to “99 Life-Changing Tips”, your readers like listicles in all shapes and sizes. Repurpose your key messages in new digestible ways.

5 – Memorable and Shareable: Your Friend just sent you one. Readers remember a listicle’s nuggets and readily share them. Listicles are like the social media darling of content formats.

6 – Perfect for the FOMO Generation: Fear of missing out much? Not with listicles! Give your readers the latest trends, ideas, and news with skimmable content so they aren’t left behind.

7- Curiosity Piqued: Can your clients resist the promise of multiple nuggets of knowledge in one convenient package? Who wouldn’t want to uncover “15 Reasons” for anything?

8 – It’s Weird Science: Many psychological concepts and historical facts show that our brains love lists. Lists add structure, order, and a sense of accomplishment as we check off each item.

9 – Better Recycling: Listicles offer a new fun format to repurpose your hard core message you previously posted in story format. Think of it like regurgitating the best story chunks into a list.

10 – Click-Worthy Titles: Listicles thrive on click-worthy titles. When your prospect searches for anything on the web, chances are it’s a “25 Ways to (Do Anything)” listicle that wins their click.

11 – Perfect for the TL;DR Crowd: You love your darlings, but let’s get real. Your content must reach the “Too Long; Didn’t Read” prospects. Create their listicles and you’ll reap the rewards.

12 – Visual Feast: Listicles make space for images, GIFs, and videos, creating a visually stimulating experience for your target audience.

The almighty original Bullet Journal concept – my personal favorite way to organize my days and doodles.

13 – Share the Laughs: Listicles allow for the perfect format to inject a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm into their content, making learning an entertaining and healthy endeavor.

14 – Viral Potential: Listicles have a knack for going viral. What creative fun listicle will you offer your prospects to spread across the “webiverse”? To the whiteboard!

15 – The List Goes On: With endless possibilities for feeding your prospects content, the listicle is a versatile and enduring format that’s here to stay.

Consider this a fair warning to all those who hired me to ghostwrite blogs this year. Listicles, upon listicles, upon listicles will continue to captivate and win the hearts of your ideal clients.

Looking for an expert in compelling content that drives the ideal results to take on listicle-making for you? Contact me. This freelance writer is happy to discuss all the ways we can win together.

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